Dinajpur to Panchagarh Train Schedule 2023 Ticket Price, Time, Booking

Many train passengers travel by train from Dinajpur to Panchagarh regularly. Thousands of passengers travel by train on this route every day. This route is a very busy route and many trains depart from Dinajpur daily for Dhaka via Panchagarh. Today we will discuss that important information before you i.e. for those who are traveling by train from Dinajpur to Panchagarh.

We can get the information of other subjects very easily but train information is not very easy because this information is not given anywhere in detail. Considering that aspect, we have tried to arrange our website in such a beautiful way that if any person enters our website in search of various information, he will get the desired information. Keeping that continuity, today we are going to discuss about Dinajpur to Panchagarh train schedule and ticket price list.

Dinajpur to Panchagarh Intercity Train Schedule

For those of you who will be traveling by train from Dinajpur to Panchagarh, you will have a much better journey if you travel by intercity trains. The main reason is that to go from Dinajpur to Panchagarh, you have to travel a long way by train, so you must take a good quality train. If you can’t get a good quality train, there’s no way you’ll be on time.

Ekta Express (706)

Ekta Express (706) is an intercity express train that has been plying on Dinajpur to Panchagarh route since long. Although this train does not run directly from Dinajpur to Panchagarh, there is a fixed seat allocation in this train. Passengers can buy tickets for seats. If you want, you can go from Dinajpur to Panchagarh by this train.

Unlike almost all intercity trains this train does not have weekends. Happily, regular commuters don’t have to worry about holidays. The reason is that if the train is in good condition, then this train will run every day. There are no weekly holidays or closing days for this train.

The scheduled departure time of Ekta Express train from Dinajpur station is 23:04 and the scheduled arrival time of this train at Panchagarh station is 5:46 if everything goes well. Hope this train can reach its destination on time.

Express (758)

Dinajpur to Panchagarh is a very familiar name for those who travel by train. This train has some special facilities due to which passengers who are thinking of going from Dinajpur to Panchagarh then try to travel by Ekta Express and this fast-moving express train. We will now discuss the schedule of this train.

Many people think that intercity trains are closed one day a week, but express is an exception. There is no weekly holiday for the express train which means it runs every day so passengers can travel by only one train every day if they want.

Which train you will travel will depend on the train schedule. If your journey time matches with the train schedule then you can travel comfortably in that train. In this case the scheduled time of departure of the Express train from Dinajpur station is 10:04 and the scheduled time of arrival at Panchagarh station is 16:57.

Dinajpur to Panchagarh Train Fare List

The fare from Dinajpur to Panchagarh is fixed at Tk 320 for Shovan and Tk 385 for Shovan Chair. The fare for the first seat is Rs 515 and the fare for the first berth is Rs 770. Snigdha fare is Tk 640 and AC seat Tk 770 and AC berth Tk 1150.