Dhaka to Sirajganj Train Schedule 2023 Ticket Price, Time, Booking

Traveling by train from Dhaka to Sirajganj is not preferred by many but it is preferred by many. I am presenting here some reasons for and against for you to compare the reasons with your opinion. It is not their choice and the main reason for them is that Dhaka to Sirajganj is a very short distance and there is no need to travel by train for this short distance.

However, the argument for those who travel by train is that they will use the train if they want to travel comfortably on this short road. Also the road that one has to cross via Tangail to reach Sirajganj from Dhaka has a lot of jams but in case of train travel you will not feel any kind of jams. There are many other such reasons why people travel by train.

Dhaka to Sirajganj Train Schedule

A large number of intercity and mail express trains ply from Dhaka to Sirajganj. Since the road is very short, many people often take the mail express train to go from Dhaka to Sirajganj. The reason is that if you want to go to intercity trains, you must buy tickets in advance, but if you don’t have tickets, you can board these mail trains.

Talking about the inter-city trains, every train that goes from Dhaka to North Bengal and Southern region passes through Sirajganj. That is why the passengers board these trains in Sirajganj. However, Bangladesh Railway Authority has allocated several seats for Sirajganj, keeping in mind that they will not only have to get up, but also have seats for them.

According to the specific seat allocation, you can take various intercity trains from Dhaka to Sirajganj. Today we are going to tell you various information about the train from Dhaka to Sirajganj and hope you will carefully collect the information given by us.

Dhaka to Sirajganj Intercity Train Schedule

Dhaka to Sirajganj intercity train If you are traveling by that intercity train then you must know the time schedule. To know the schedule you have to pay attention to this section and remember the schedule from here. Also you will be able to know on which days the trains are closed. This part of the article is very important. You can easily know about the schedule of Dhaka to Sirajganj intercity train from the part of our article.

There is one inter-city express train running regularly on the route from Dhaka to Sirajganj, the name of the inter-city express train is Sirajganj Express 776. In this part of our article we will now discuss all the detailed information about this train before you.

Sirajganj Express 776

Sirajganj Express is an inter-city train. Sirajganj Express runs regularly on Dhaka to Sirajganj route. The Sirajganj Express intercity train runs six days a week and is closed on one of the days off, which is Saturday. Sirajganj Express intercity train except Saturdays you can travel on this train as per the schedule of the remaining 6 days of the week. Sirajganj Express train leaves Dhaka Railway Station at 5:01 and reaches Sirajganj Railway Station at 9:30.

Dhaka to Sirajganj train fare list

In this part of our article we will now tell you the train fare list. The train fares are usually fixed by the government.

295 rupees for the decorative chair. The fare of the first sheet is Rs. 390. First berth fare is Rs.585. The fare of Snigdha is Rs 490 and the fare of AC seat is Rs 585.