Dhaka to Santahar Train Schedule 2023

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Today we will present you the train schedule and ticket prices for Dhaka to Santahar trains. If you are interested to know about this then definitely read our complete article carefully and collect various information from here. We will definitely try to present our information to you very well and in detail.

Dhaka to Santahar Train Schedule

Several intercity trains run from Dhaka to Santahar. Although there is no direct train from Dhaka to Santahar but officially there are some seats allotted in this train in which only passengers can travel from Dhaka to Santahar. You can also travel by train by cutting this reserved seat. Today we will tell you some facilities of this train.

First of all, if you are currently traveling by intercity express train, then you must know that if you travel by this train, you can reach your destination on time. If you travel by intercity train, you will get several facilities. In addition to canteen facilities, these intercity trains have separate rooms for offering prayers. So you can easily enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable journey on these trains.

Dhaka to Santahar Train Schedule Intercity

Now we will tell you about the Intercity Trains available for you from Dhaka to Santahar. If you travel by intercity train then you can enjoy the facilities that are available to you. So let us now discuss this topic and let you know about Lalmonirhat to Intercity Train Schedule and Schedule.

Karatoya Express (714)

Named inter-city express trains are running regularly on this route. Karotoa Express is a very good quality intercity train for regular service. You can travel from Dhaka to Santahar by Karatoya Express train ticket. Karatoya Express operates every day of the week i.e. there are no weekends. The scheduled time of departure of Karatoa Express train from Lalmonirhat station is 18:01 and the scheduled time of arrival at Santahar station is 22:01 if everything goes well.

Lalmony Express (752)

An intercity express train. Those who want to travel regularly in this train have the opportunity to travel from Dhaka to Santahar very comfortably. There are specific seats allotted for traveling in this section and you can travel in this section by booking tickets. The scheduled departure time of Lalmonirhat station of Lalmonirhat is at 10:22 and the scheduled arrival time of this train at Santahar station is 13:55 if everything goes well.

Dhaka to Santahar Train Fare List

The train from Dhaka to Santahar has fixed fare and you have to travel according to this fare. Those of you who have traveled by train before may have an idea about fares.

From Dhaka to Santahar, the fare of Shovan is Rs 160 and the fare of Shovan Chair is Rs 190. The first seat fare is Rs 250 and the first berth is Rs 375. Snigdha is fixed at Rs.315. AC seat fare is fixed at Rs 375 and AC berth is fixed at Rs 565.