Dhaka to Natore Train Schedule 2023

Those who want to travel from Dhaka to Natore by direct train have the option to travel by intercity train. But if you don’t know the time schedule and don’t know the various information about the train then this journey will not be good for you. We upload various information about each train on our website and give you an idea about which train you can use to travel from different places to different places.

If you want to accept our idea then definitely read our article and gather the information you need from the information provided here. Today we will discuss about Dhaka to Natore train schedule and ticket price. You must collect our information if this information is useful to you.

Dhaka to Natore Train Schedule Intercity

We are going to discuss some of the facilities of the Dhaka to Natore intercity train. Why we are going to discuss these facilities if we have to say, if you know the facilities of the trains in advance, you will be more interested to travel.

Apart from the past experience, currently the train communication system of Bangladesh is very good so the number of train passengers is increasing every day. And maintaining that continuity, the intercity express trains that run from Dhaka to Natore are providing very good service.

Dhaka to Natore Train Schedule Intercity

The intercity express train running from Dhaka to Natore is called Lalmonir Express (752) has been running regularly from Dhaka to Natore for many days. Those of you who have traveled on this train before know how good it feels to travel on this train. We will mainly now discuss about Dhaka to Natore intercity train schedule.

Lalmoni Express 752

This intercity train runs regularly on this route. You can travel in this train very well by following the schedule of this train. The scheduled official holiday of this train is Friday, which means that this train will be closed on a holiday. Those of you who travel regularly may already know this.

From Dhaka to Natore you can book the ticket in the assigned seat and the scheduled departure time of this train from Dhaka station is 10:20. You can start your journey from Dhaka to Natore at this time. If all goes well, the train departing from Dhaka is scheduled to arrive at Natore station at 14:46. This is the official time

Dhaka to Natore Train Fare List

To travel from Dhaka to Natore you must be aware of the fare here. If you don’t know about the fare then you can’t travel in this train at all. Now we will try to show you the fixed fare which is officially fixed from Dhaka to Natore.

Officially, the fares from Dhaka are fixed according to different categories of NATO. The fare of Shobhan is officially fixed at 195 rupees. The rent of Shobhan chair is officially fixed at 230 rupees. The first seat fare is fixed at Rs 310 and the first berth is fixed at Rs 460.

Dhaka to Natore Snigdha fare is fixed at Rs.385. AC seat fare is fixed at Rs 460 and AC berth fare is fixed at Rs 690. This is the list of fares prescribed by the government. You can travel according to these rules.