Dhaka to Kushtia Train Schedule 2023

If you don’t know the train options available to you from Dhaka to Poradah, then you can’t go in any way. Today we will tell you what options are open to you to go from Dhaka to Poradah and what information you can use to organize this journey in a better way.

It is often seen that if we search to collect various train information then that information is not very well available or it takes a lot of time to get it. Considering that aspect, we have tried to design our website in such a beautiful way that a person can collect all the information related to Bangladesh trains from our website. Hope you will like our website.

Dhaka to Kushtia Train Schedule Intercity

If you are traveling by train from Dhaka to Poradah then you have to travel by intercity train. Traveling by intercity train will give you the convenience to complete your journey in comfort. Apart from this, nowadays the inter-city trains are traveling exactly on time so there is no such thing as train time wastage like before. You can reach your right destination at right time.

There are many who don’t want to travel by train from previous experience but I would say you can travel by train, currently every train in Bangladesh travels from the same station to another place according to specific timings due to which passengers can reach their destination on specific time. Those of you who are interested in this matter must read our article in its entirety.

Dhaka to Poradah Train Schedule Intercity

To go from Dhaka to Poradah, you must choose intercity train. Your journey will be more pleasant if you choose intercity train. The reason is that inter-city trains have canteen facilities and prayer rooms for offering prayers and also have special entertainment facilities. Apart from this, passengers can travel in the train very comfortably as the internal environment of the train is very clean.

If you want to go from Dhaka to Poradah, you will have two intercity express train options. You can travel in any of these two trains as per your choice and timing but we will present you the schedule of any two of these two trains. Let’s find out.

Inter-city express train called Sundarban Express is running regularly on this route. The weekend for this train is Wednesday. Scheduled departure time of Sundarban Express train from Dhaka station is 8:15 and scheduled time of arrival at Poradah station is 14:01. It is expected that these trains will run according to the specified time.

Inter-city express train called Chitra Express is running regularly on this route from Dhaka to Poradah. For your regular journey Chitra Express Intercity train can be a very good quality train. Chitra Express train will be closed on every Monday and this train will leave Dhaka at 19:00 and reach Poradah station at 00:16.

Dhaka to Poradah train fare list

Those who travel regularly must know that the fares are as per the seat arrangement decided by the government. Many people think that there is no fixed fare in the train, you have to get on the train and hand over some money to the TT of the train. Now we will tell you that the intercity trains from Dhaka to Poradah have fixed fares according to the seating arrangement.

Shobhan Tk 300, Shobhan Chair Tk 360, First Seat Tk 480, First Berth Tk 720, Snigdha Tk 600, AC Seat Tk 720, AC Berth Tk 1080.