Dhaka to Ashuganj Train Schedule 2023

For those of you who regularly travel by train from Dhaka to Ashuganj and various information about this train remains unknown, today I have tried to make a paragraph containing various information. If you want to travel from Dhaka station to Ashuganj station then you must know several information in advance.

Today we will try to discuss all the detailed information about the trains that run from Dhaka to Ashuganj. To know Dhaka to Ashuganj train schedule and ticket price, please read our complete article and collect your required information. Hope you get the information you need from our article.

Dhaka to Ashuganj Train Schedule

You can easily travel from Dhaka to Ashuganj by train. For traveling by train, you will have the option of two intercity express trains. The two trains plying on this route are Sundarban Express and Chitra Express. You can travel by any of these two trains as per your time and availability. Today we will present you various information about these two trains.

First of all those who have traveled regularly on these trains will agree with me that from past experience the train journey is very variable and comfortable nowadays. All these trains have special facilities that a passenger can easily enjoy. This train has a separate namaz room for namaz and a good canteen for food. Moreover, people from all walks of life like to travel in these trains as the internal environment of the trains is very clean.

Dhaka to Ashuganj intercity train schedule

A total of two intercity express trains ply on the Dhaka to Ashuganj route. We will tell you today about the different schedules of these two trains. Apart from this, you can also know which days of the week these two trains are closed according to the government rules. So those who are interested in knowing these things must read this part of ours carefully.

Sundarban Express runs regularly on Dhaka to Ashuganj route. Those of you who are regular passengers on this route must already know about this train. This train is closed for one day in a week on Wednesday i.e. on holiday as per government rules. Sundarban Express train is scheduled to depart from Dhaka Kamalapur Railway Station at 8:15 AM and the scheduled arrival time of this train at Ashuganj Station is at 2:10 PM.

Chitra Express train runs regularly on Dhaka to Ashuganj route. Regular passengers travel from Dhaka to Ashuganj in very short time and at low cost. If you want to travel from Dhaka to Ashuganj then you must remember that this train is closed every Monday. Chitra Express train from Dhaka Kamalapur railway station starts its journey at 7:10 and reaches Ashuganj station at 12:16.

Dhaka to Ashuganj train fare list

Those of you who travel regularly on the route from Dhaka to Ashuganj already know about its road fare. No need to worry about the ticket price as train tickets are much cheaper than other means of transport. By train you can enjoy traveling comfortably at low cost. Now we will tell all the information about the ticket prices for Dhaka to Ashuganj.

Sobhan ticket price is 300 rupees. The ticket price of Sobhan Chair is Rs.360. The ticket price of the first sheet is 480 rupees. The ticket price of Snigdha is 600 rupees. AC seat ticket price is 720 rupees.

Hope you have been able to know about Dhaka to Ashuganj train schedule ticket price and fare list from this part of our article.