Airport to Joydebpur Train Schedule 2023

Now we are going to give you a little overview about how you need to travel by train from Airport to Joydebpur and what information you will need to travel by train. There are many people who suddenly start traveling by train without any information about train travel and get into various difficulties in the middle.

From this article you can collect all the trains that you need to take and various information about those trains to go from Airport to Joydebpur. To know Airport to Joydebpur train schedule ticket price you can read our full part of this article and collect various information from here.

Airport to Joydebpur Train Schedule

Airport to Joydebpur intercity trains are there every train has some special facilities and because of these facilities the passengers travel in the train. Those of you who regularly travel by train may have already enjoyed the benefits of the train.

Specially, this train has canteen facilities which can be very useful for the passengers on the journey and there is a separate namaz room for offering namaz. Now a days trains travel on time so passengers try to travel safely in trains due to not wasting time. Those of you who travel by train must read our article carefully and apply the various information provided here.

Airport to Joydebpur Train Schedule Intercity

There are several intercity trains running from Airport to Joydebpur, now we will try to present you the schedule of those trains. Through this section you can know about the time these trains leave the station and what time they arrive at the station. Most of the intercity trains have a weekend, you can read this section to know the weekend of that train.

An intercity express train called Sundarban Express runs from Airport to Joydebpur. I don’t need to say much about Sundarban Express train only those who are regular passengers will agree with me that it is a very nice train. Those who have traveled by Sundarban Express train have traveled with comfort.

Like other intercity trains Sundarban Express train has a public holiday and that public holiday is Tuesday. This train will be closed on public holiday this Tuesday and will run on the remaining 6 days.

Sundarban Express train is scheduled to leave Chuadanga station and it leaves this station as per schedule. Scheduled time of train except Chuadanga station is 0:53 and if everything goes well the arrival time of this train at Joydevpur station is 5:57. Officially these times are mentioned.

Airport to Joydebpur Train Fare List

Those traveling from Airport to Joydebpur by train must know the train fare. Even if they travel without knowing the fare of the train, they will suffer while buying the ticket. Sobhan rent is fixed at Rs 300 and Sobhan chair is fixed at Rs 360. The first seat fare is fixed at Rs 480 and the first berth is fixed at Rs 715. The fare of Snigdha is fixed at Rs 600 and the fare of AC seat is fixed at Rs 715 and AC berth is fixed at Rs 1075. This is the government fixed rent amount.