Ullapara to Dhaka Train Schedule Today 2023

Today’s article is specially designed for those traveling by train from Ullapara to Ishwardi. Many may question what they can learn through this article. We will tell you which train you will take to go from Ullapara to Ishwardi and you can collect all the information about that train only from this article of ours.

If we present a little about our website here, then you will understand what kind of train related posts we have uploaded on our website and how much these posts may be needed by you. Today we will discuss about Ullapara to Ishwardi trains schedule and ticket price list of each train.

Ullapara to Dhaka Train Intercity

Now you can know the intercity trains available from Ullapara to Ishwardi. There are certain rules you must follow while traveling on these intercity trains. Everyone prefers to travel by these intercity trains as the intercity trains are running regularly and these trains are currently running on time. Along with this there are some special facilities.

These intercity trains have separate namaz rooms for namaz. Apart from this there is canteen facility which is a very popular amenity in train travel nowadays. Passengers and passengers of all levels can travel in this train as the interior environment is very clean and tidy. Those who want to know more about it must stay with us and read our complete article.

Ullapara to Dhaka Train Schedule Intercity

Among all the trains that run from Ullapara to Ishwardi, we will now highlight the intercity trains. Inter-city trains are plying regularly on this route and the passenger numbers of these trains are constantly increasing. Although there is no direct train from Ullapara to Ishwardi, separate seat allocation has been arranged in these trains. You can travel regularly to these seats by purchasing tickets for these seats.

Chitra Express (764)

Named intercity express trains are plying regularly on this route and the quality of trains running on this route is good. Chitra Express trains are closed on every Monday. You must remember that the train is on holiday on any day. The scheduled time of departure of Chitra Express from Ullapara station is 11:46 and the scheduled time of arrival at Ishwardi station is 13:01.

Sundarban Express 726

The intercity express train is running regularly from Ullapara to Ishwardi. Ullapara to Ishwardi train is a very good quality train. The holiday of this train is Wednesday, which means this train will be closed on Wednesday. The scheduled time of departure of the train from Ullapara station is 22:09 and the scheduled time of arrival at Ishwardi station is 23:15 if all goes well.

Ullapara to Dhaka Train Fare List

Now we will tell you the official fares for going from Ullapara to Ishwari according to seat arrangement and class wise. Knowing these fares is very important when it comes to train travel and our comment box gets a lot of queries to know the highest fares.

Officially, the rent of furniture is fixed at 60 rupees and the rent of furniture chair is 70 rupees. The first seat fare from Ullapara to Ishwardi is Rs 95 and the first berth fare is Rs 140. Snigdha fare from Ullapara to Ishwardi is fixed at Rs 115 for a comfortable journey. AC seat fare is fixed at Rs 140 and besides AC berth is fixed at Rs 205.