Ishwardi Train Schedule Today 2023

Those who want to travel by train from Ishwardi to Ullapara have the opportunity to travel by several trains. But if you don’t know all these facts then you can’t travel smoothly. Many people search for this information but cannot find it. If you come to our website, you don’t have to go anywhere else.

We hope that you will definitely find the information you need from the various information sources on our website. Today we will discuss about Ishwardi to Ullapara train schedule and ticket price list. If you want to know anything beyond what we will tell you today, then you must contact us and present those words.

Ishwardi to Ullapara Train Schedule Intercity

To travel from Ishwardi to Ullapara you have two intercity train options one is Sundarban Express (725) and the other is Chitra Express (763). Those of you who have traveled this road before must have traveled on either of these two trains. Now we will tell you the schedule and closing days of this train.

Sundarban Express (725)

This train is a regular intercity express train plying on this route. Sundarban train closes on every Tuesday and provides its services on other days as per government norms. You can enjoy this train service on other days except Tuesday.

Sundarban train departs from Ishwardi station at 2:15 PM i.e. its scheduled departure time from Ishwardi station. Then if everything goes well then this train reaches Ullapara station at 3:30 PM.

Chitra Express (763)

Chitra Express is an intercity express train and regular Chitra Express trains are plying on this route. Officially the Chitra Express train will be closed on every Monday and will serve passengers on other days. You will know this information very well.

Chitra Express train’s scheduled time of departure from Ishwardi station is 13:15 and scheduled time of arrival at Ullapara station is 14:30. You can travel by this train regularly according to this time.

Ishwardi to Ullapara Train Schedule Mail Express

For those of you who want to go from Ishwardi to Ullapara there is a mail express. This mail express train named Rajshahi Express (6) is running regularly on this route. This mail express has no weekly holidays but it leaves the station at scheduled times. This train leaves Ishwardi station at 13:45 and is scheduled to arrive at Ullapara station at 16:20.

The train options you have for Ishwardi to Ullapara are intercity express trains and mail express trains. We will inform you very well and in detail about the schedule and closing days of both types of trains. We hope you can know the schedule very well from here.

Ishwardi to Ullapara Train Fare List

Now you can know that there is an official seat arrangement and the fare of that seat arrangement for traveling from Ishwardi to Ullapara. Know the fares very carefully and keep them in mind.

The rent of shobhan is fixed at 60 rupees and the rent of shobhan chair is fixed at 70 rupees by the government. The first seat fare is fixed at Rs 95 and the first berth is fixed at Rs 140 officially. The fare of Snigdha is fixed at Rs.115. AC seat fare is fixed at Rs 140 and AC berth is fixed at Rs 205.