Kamalapur to Joydebpur Train Schedule Today 2023

Good news for those of you who want to travel from Kamalapur to Joydevpur by train, in today’s article we will discuss various information about each train that runs from Kamalapur to Joydevpur. Those who are regular visitors of our website must collect different information from our website at different times.

You may also know how we are trying to organize our website and keeping that continuity, today I am here to discuss about various train schedules and ticket prices for Kamalapur to Joydevpur. Hope this information will definitely be useful for you and you will use this information when you travel from Kamalapur to Joydevpur by train.

Kamalapur to Joydebpur Train Schedule

Today we will discuss about the trains that run from Kamalapur to Joydevpur. There are several intercity express trains plying from Kamalapur to Joydevpur and these trains are very good quality intercity express trains. These intercity express trains may be very familiar to those of you who travel this route regularly.

Currently, you can travel with very haram when you leave in these intercity express trains. Because these inter-city express trains have state-of-the-art facilities. The facilities that a passenger enjoys will enable him to complete his journey with utmost comfort. Of course you should try to travel in intercity express trains and travel comfortably.

These inter-city trains have separate prayer rooms for prayers and good canteens for meals. Which comes in many needs of passengers on the journey. So most of the passengers now prefer to travel by train.

Kamalapur to Joydevpur Train Schedule Intercity

As we told you above, today we will discuss with you various information about the intercity trains that run from Kamalapur to Joydevpur. First of all let me tell you about the trains running on this route from Kamalapur to Joydevpur. Now we will show you the various opportunities and schedules of each train separately. By doing this, you can collect various information about Kamalapur to Joydevpur train and plan your journey accordingly. There is an inter-city train running on this route from Kamalapur to Joydevpur, the name of the inter-city train is Lalmony Express Inter-City Train.

Lalmoni Express 752

Lalmoni Express is an intercity express train. Lalmoni Express plies regularly on Kamalapur to Joydevpur route. Lalmony Express runs six days a week and one day of the week is a holiday for this train. The holiday of Lalmony Express is Friday. That means you can complete your Lalmony Express intercity train journey on any other day of the week except Friday. The train departs from Kamalapur Railway Station at 11:48 and arrives at Joydevpur Railway Station at 6:47.

Kamalapur to Joydevpur Train Fare List

Those of you who travel on the Kamalapur to Joydevpur route or those who are new must know about the fare lists of Kamalapur to Joydevpur train fares. The fare lists of trains are usually fixed by the government and in this part of our article we will discuss about those fare lists.

Sobhan seat ticket price is fixed at 350 rupees. The ticket price for Shovan Chair seats is fixed at Rs.420. First seat ticket price is fixed at Rs.555. First berth ticket price is Rs 835 and Snikdha seat ticket price is Rs 695. AC seat ticket price is fixed at Rs 835 and AC berth seat ticket price is fixed at Rs 1250.