Kamalapur to Airport Train Schedule 2023

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Kamalapur to Airport Intercity Train Schedule

For those of you who want to travel by train from Kamalapur to Airport, there is a facility to travel by intercity express train. Currently, the intercity express trains have become very popular because of the very good quality of the environment inside these trains, so the passengers prefer to travel by regular trains.

The number of passengers traveling by train is increasing day by day as compared to the past and many a times it is seen that the passengers are suffering due to not getting tickets. Those of you who want to go from Kamalapur to Airport have the opportunity to travel by this intercity express train called Chitra Express. Chitra Express train has some special facilities.

The environment inside this train is very clean and people like to travel in this train as there are many types of entertainment. Apart from this, the Chitra Express train has prayer rooms and eco-friendly canteen facilities. These things can help a passenger during the journey so that the passengers can travel the train very smoothly and comfortably.

Kamalapur to Airport Train Schedule

When traveling from Kamalapur to Airport you must be aware of the schedule. You need to know when the train is arriving and leaving the station. Currently, Bangladeshi trains run on time, so if you are late, many times you will not be able to travel on the specific train, so we will try to present you the schedule of all those trains today.

An intercity express train called Chitra runs on Kamalapur to Airport route and now you can know the schedule of this train. Before that let’s say that every intercity express train is closed for one day in a week and Chitra Express train will be closed every Monday in a week. Every Monday is holiday of Chitra Express.

Chitra Express train departure time from Ullapara station is scheduled at 12:24 and the train will arrive at Poradah railway station at 2:30 minutes. Trains are expected to run at specific times.

Kamalapur to Airport Train Fare List

Those of you who travel by regular train from Kamalapur to Airport may know its required fare but not know that different platforms are officially fixed. But today we have tried to highlight the fares of all types of passengers through this list so that everyone can know their fares in one list. So let’s know about these fares.

The ticket price of Shobhan is fixed at 125 rupees. The ticket price of Sobhan Chair is fixed at Rs.150. The ticket price of the first sheet has been fixed at 200 rupees. First berth ticket price is fixed at Rs.300. Snigdha seat ticket price is fixed at Rs.250. AC seat ticket price is fixed at 300 rupees. AC bus ticket price is fixed at Rs.450.