Chandpur to Chittagong Train Schedule 2023 Ticket Price, Time, Booking

Many people travel from Chandpur to Chittagong every day and are doing so. You have to suffer many times on the journey but everyone suffers and remains silent. The main reason for suffering is that many times the passengers have their own fault like not appearing at the right place at the right time or not boarding the right vehicle.

If you want to go from Chandpur to Chittagong, then you have the opportunity to travel by Bangladesh Rail Communications Management train. If you miss such a good opportunity and switch to other vehicles, you may suffer.

I am not directly telling you to go only by train but today’s article is made for those who prefer to travel by train. From this article you can know the various information about the trains that are available from Chandpur to Chittagong.

Chandpur to Chittagong Train Schedule

Several trains run from Chandpur to Chittagong. First of all let us inform you that if you travel by this train then your journey will be very comfortable and also you will be able to travel with much more safety. Because traveling by train is very safe and also you can reach your specific station on time if you travel by train now. Most people prefer to travel by train because the train timings now arrive on time.

The trains on Chandpur to Chittagong route have special amenities and entertainment facilities. Facilities may include provision of canteen and provision of separate prayer rooms for offering prayers. You will definitely need all these essentials on the journey and if you get them inside the train, your journey will be very good. We will present the schedule and schedule of this train to you now.

Chandpur to Chittagong train schedule

The distance from Chandpur to Chittagong is about 25 km. A total of two trains run regularly on the Chandpur to Chittagong route. Name of that train is Meghna Express and Sagarika Express. In this part of our article we will now discuss before you the train name holiday and departure arrival times. Those of you who are interested to know the schedules must stay tuned to our article and read our article thoroughly and find the information you need from here.

Meghna Express 730

The Meghna Express train runs regularly on Chandpur to Chittagong route. Meghna Express operates seven days a week, ie, except on weekends, you can travel on this train every day according to the train schedule. Meghna Express train departs from Chandpur railway station at 5:01 and reaches Chittagong railway station at 9:10.

Sagarika Express 30

Sagarika Express train runs regularly on Chandpur to Chittagong route. The Sagarika Express train runs seven days a week which means there is no weekly holiday for this train. Sagarika Express train departs from Chandpur railway station at 2:01 and reaches Chittagong railway station at 7:25.

Chandpur to Chittagong Train Fare List

Our section is very important for those of you who like to travel by Chandpur to Chittagong regular train or those who are new. Here we will discuss about Chandpur to Chittagong train fare list.

Sobhan ticket price is 162 rupees. The ticket price of Shovan Chair is 195 rupees. First seat ticket price is Rs.360. AC seat ticket price is Rs.449. AC berth ticket price is Rs.673.