Lalmoni Express Train Schedule From Dhaka 2023

Today’s article is meant for those of you who are looking for various train information from Lalmonirhat to Dhaka. You may have entered our website while searching here and there for various information. We tell you that you don’t have to go anywhere else, you can collect all the train related information from this one of our websites.

Today’s article is specially made for those who want to travel from Lalmonirhat to Dhaka. A reader will know which trains run from Lalmonirhat to Dhaka and the schedule and timetable of these trains. If you read our article completely then you will also know how much train fare you have to pay from Lalmonirhat to Dhaka i.e. how much is the ticket price.

Lalmonirhat to Dhaka Lalmoni Express Train Schedule

Dhaka train runs from Lalmonirhat and passengers travel regularly in this train. Dhaka is very far from Lalmonirhat so when traveling by train you must be careful when traveling by train. Every day thousands of passengers are traveling on this route from Lalmonirhat to Dhaka and they are traveling with great comfort.

If you want to travel from Lalmonirhat to Dhaka then you must travel by intercity express train otherwise your suffering will never end. It is already a very long distance due to which you can cover this long distance with great comfort when you travel by intercity express train. So I say you must travel by intercity trains from Lalmonirhat to Dhaka which will make your journey very comfortable.

Lalmonirhat to Dhaka Train Schedule Intercity

Now we will discuss about Lalmonirhat to Dhaka train schedule and timetable. Of course you plan your own journey before you travel but how do you plan your journey if you don’t know anything about the train schedule? So you must know the train schedule and timetable in advance and plan your journey from there. So let us discuss today the schedule and schedule of the trains that run from Lalmonir Hat to Dhaka.

Lalmony Express (752)

Lalmonirhat Express 752 is an intercity express train running regularly from Lalmonirhat to Dhaka. The only way for those who want to travel from Lalmonirhat to Dhaka is to travel by this train. Every day thousands of passengers travel from Lalmonirhat to Dhaka by a single train. And the Lalmonirhat Express train is most known to the passengers plying on this route.

As per Lalmonirhat Express train schedule all activities are closed every Friday. If you want to plan your journey on this train then you can go on other days except Friday. Lalmonirhat scheduled departure time of Lalmonirhat station is 10:20 minutes and scheduled arrival time of Lalmonir express train at Dhaka station is 19:55 minutes if everything goes well.

Lalmonirhat to Dhaka Train Fare List

In case you are going to travel by direct train from Lalmonirhat to Dhaka, you need to know how much the railway authority has fixed the fare according to the different seat arrangement of the train and buy the ticket. The rent of Shobhan is Rs 420 and the rent of Shobhan Chair is Rs 505. The first seat fare is Rs 675 and the first berth is Rs 1010. The fare has been fixed at Tk 840 for Snigdha and Tk 1010 for AC and Tk 1510 for AC berth.