Joydebpur Train Schedule Today 2023 Ticket Price, Time, Booking

If you need any information to go from Jaydevpur to Jessore then you can collect that information from this article. Through this one article I will try to present all the information about the trains available from Jaydevpur to Jessore and will try to add more information.

To know the schedule of Jaidebpur to Jessore train and to know the schedule and ticket price of this train, you must read our article very well and find the information from here. As always we try to discuss each information in detail so that customers can easily understand our information.

Jaidebpur to Jessore Train Intercity

For Jaidebpur to Jessore train you will have the opportunity to travel by an intercity train. When you travel on these intercity trains, you can now enjoy some special benefits that will make your journey very enjoyable. Currently, all types of passengers are showing interest in traveling on the train due to the clean environment inside this train.

Apart from this, passengers are regularly traveling in this train. At present, passengers are showing more interest in traveling by train as the train is traveling according to the fixed time. So those of you who want to travel by train from Jaydevpur to Jessore can read our article and collect various information from here and use it.

Jaidebpur to Jessore Train Schedule Intercity

Those of you who have traveled by train from Jaidebpur to Jessore and have taken an intercity train would probably agree with me that nowadays intercity trains are very comfortable to travel. Today we will talk about one such intercity train and let you know the schedule of that train so that you can travel according to that schedule.

Intercity Sundarban Express trains run from Joydevpur. I will discuss when the Sundarban Express train leaves Joydevpur station and when it reaches its destination Jessore and tell you something about the holidays of Sundarban Express.

Sundarban Express (726)

This train is running regularly on this route from Joydevpur to Jessore. If you want you can book a train ticket from Joydevpur to Jessore for certain reserved seats. But this train has a scheduled public holiday and that scheduled public holiday is Wednesday. Operates regularly on other 6 days of the week.

Sundarban Express train departure time from Joydevpur station is 9:12. This train leaves Joydevpur station at 9:12 and will reach Jessore station at 16:20 if all goes well. You can travel on this train at this time if you agree to everything.

Joydevpur to Jessore Train Fare List

Every train has fixed fare list and that fare list is determined according to the seating arrangement of different categories of people. You have to spend good money to get good quality seats and if you want to go with less money then that is arranged. The seat fare is fixed officially so we will try to present that fixed fare in front of you now.

Shobhan fare is officially fixed at 360 rupees for Jaydevpur to Jessore and the same fare for Shobhan chair is 430 rupees. The prescribed fare for the first seat is Rs 570 and the first berth is Rs 855. Snigdha’s fare has been fixed at Rs 715. AC seat fare is fixed at Rs 855 and AC berth is fixed at Rs 1285 officially.

Jaidebpur to Jessore Train Schedule

Those of you who travel regularly on the Jaidebpur to Jessore train and are interested in knowing the various information about this train must read our complete article and stay with us. If you want to travel from Joydevpur station to Jessore station then you must know several information in advance.

Today we will discuss all the detailed information about the trains that run from Joydevpur to Jessore through our article. Today you can know about Joydevpur to Jessore train schedule ticket also fare list. We hope that we can present all the information according to your needs through our article. For Jaidebpur to Jessore train schedule and ticket price, please read our complete article and collect your required information.

Joydevpur to Jessore intercity

You can easily travel from Joydevpur to Jessore by train. For traveling by train you will have the option of an intercity express train. The name of the intercity train running on this route is Sundarban Express Train. You can travel by this train according to your time and opportunity. Today we will present you various information about this train.

First of all those who have traveled by this train regularly will agree with me that from the past experience the train journey nowadays is very variable and very comfortable. These trains have some special facilities that a passenger can easily enjoy. This train has a separate namaz room for namaz and a good canteen system for food. Besides, people from all walks of life like to travel in these trains as the internal environment of the trains is very clean. Apart from this, there are many facilities like entertainment along with safety.

Jaidebpur to Jessore intercity train schedule

An intercity express train runs from Joydevpur to Jessore Road. Today we will tell you about the schedule of this intercity train. Apart from this, you will also know which days of the week this train is closed as per the government rules. So those who are interested to know these things must read this part of ours carefully.

Sundarban Express train runs regularly on this route from Joydevpur to Jessore. Those of you who are regular passengers of this route must already know about this train. Sundarban Express is an intercity train. Sundarban Express trains run six days a week. The weekend of this train is one day. That holiday is Wednesday. That is, this train is closed on Wednesday. You can complete your journey on this train on any day of the week except Wednesday. Sundarban Express train departs from Joydevpur railway station at 9:12 and this train arrives at Jessore railway station at 4:20. You can complete your journey in this train very comfortably if you want.

Joydevpur to Jessore Train Fare List

Jaydevpur to Jessore train has many types of seats. The minimum ticket price is Rs 360 and the maximum ticket price is Rs 1285. If you look at this part of our article, you will know all the detailed information about the fare lists of Joydevpur to Jessore train according to the seat arrangement.

The ticket price has been fixed at Rs 360 for the luxury seats. The ticket price for Shovan Chair is fixed at Rs.430. The ticket price for the first seat is Rs 570. The ticket price for AC seat is fixed at Rs.855. Ticket price for AC berth is fixed at Rs.1285.

Hope you have been able to know about Joydevpur to Jessore train schedule ticket price and fare list through our article.