Gaibandha to Tangail Train Schedule 2022 Ticket Price, Time, Booking

Those who want to travel by direct train from Gaibandha to Lalmonirhat have the opportunity to travel from one place to another very comfortably by train. Many people want to know about this and many people travel by train at different times without knowing various information about this. So we have come with all the information about this route.

You can know from our today’s article about Gaibandha to Tangail train schedule what information you need according to that schedule and about the fare list of that train. So let’s get down to business and tell you what information you will need to travel from Gaibandha to Lalmonirhat by train.

Gaibandha to Tangail intercity train

If you want to go to Tangail from Gaibandha, you can definitely travel in the intercity trains that you have the option of. At present the interior environment of these trains is very clean and tidy so passengers are traveling in these trains very comfortably. For those of you who have traveled by train from Gaibandha to Tangail before, the journey must have been good.

Nowadays all these intercity trains have specially designed canteen system ie you will get canteen inside the train and there are various types of food available. For entertainment, there are various entertainment facilities inside the train which were not available in the past. It also has a separate prayer room for praying. All things considered, trains have improved a lot these days.

Gaibandha to Tangail Train Schedule Intercity

To go from Gaibandha to Tangail you need to know the fixed schedule of trains. Now I will tell you the schedule of inter-city trains and also try to show you the holidays that the train has. Those who are interested must read our section carefully and collect your desired information from here.

Lalmony Express (752)

A name known to those who travel regularly from Gaibandha to Tangail is the Lalmoni Express train. Passengers are very fond of traveling in these intercity trains and regularly travel in these intercity trains. These intercity trains have some special facilities due to which the passengers are attracted towards this train.

Most of the intercity trains have a weekly off day i.e. a day is selected during the week on which all operations of the train are closed and all the officers of the train are on holiday. Lalmony Express train has a holiday which is Friday. This train will run every other day except Friday.

Lalmony Express trains currently run from one station to another according to a fixed schedule. The scheduled departure time of Lalmoni Express train from Gaibandha station is 11:48. If all goes well the scheduled arrival time of this train at Tangail station is 17:50. If you want to travel by this train then you have to travel according to the mentioned time.

Gaibandha to Tangail Train Ticket Price List

We try through every post to present the fares very important to the passengers. Presently, the fares are presented in front of you according to the actual seats from Gaibandha to Tangail as determined by the government. Shown is priced at Rs 305 and the show chair is priced at Rs 365. The first seat fare is Rs 485 and the first berth is Rs 730. Sweetness 605 Rs. The fare for AC berth is Rs 730 and AC berth is Rs 1090.

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