E ticket railway gov bd Online Train Ticket Booking Website eticket railway.gov.bd

A new website has been created for the purpose of online train ticketing for the citizens of Bangladesh and you can see from the above title that the website is a website for buying tickets. To enjoy intercity train travel to any part of the country, you can enter online and buy tickets and those who do not know this ticketing process can buy tickets online by following the important guidelines through this post on our website.

The official website of Bangladesh Railway Authority is the above mentioned address and by entering here you can buy tickets for traveling on intercity trains to any part of the country and in this case you can buy tickets online by specifying the journey date and paying by developing the ticket price. In addition to selling tickets offline, a few percent of tickets are always sold online and many people are eager to buy tickets online due to the busy schedule of Eid-ul-Fitr.


However, many people cannot afford to buy tickets because the demand is higher than the number of tickets offered online. Moreover, many people may not be able to buy tickets because many people enter the website together. So if you enter the above mentioned website before 8 am to buy tickets and have high speed internet system then you can buy tickets.

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E ticket railway gov bd Online Train Ticket Booking

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In this case, you must have a pre-determined amount of cash in cash. When buying tickets online, a bank charge of Rs 20 more is charged than for ordinary tickets. So in case of buying tickets online, you have to follow the above mentioned rules as well as go down and find out how to buy tickets on the website. To buy a ticket online in 2022, you need to go to the website mentioned above and go there and complete the registration first.


If you are not registered on someone’s web site, then you have to find the registration option from the menu option at the top right and go there and complete the registration by providing the required information. Moreover, if you have already registered, then you will follow the process of ticketing directly. For intercity ticketing, select where your journey will start and then choose where your journey will end next. Now you need to specify the date on which you want to travel.

On the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid tickets will be on sale till 27th and you can buy these tickets online. Now you have to select the class and go to the next page and when you go there you can see which trains are running according to your travel date. Select the train according to your convenience and go there and select the ticket and follow the next step to make the payment.

Therefore, in order to share the joy of Eid with your family members on the occasion of Holy Eid-ul-Fitr in the days of the year, you must follow the above rules to buy tickets and go home and enjoy the joy of Eid with your family.

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