Dinajpur to Rajshahi Train Schedule 2023 Ticket Price, Time, Booking

From Dinajpur to Rajshahi you can go by train. If you suddenly want to go from Dinajpur to Rajshahi by train, then you can make your journey easier by using this article. We regularly upload various informative posts on our website.

Those of you who are regular visitors of our website must know what kind of train related information we upload on our website. Today we will upload the schedule and ticket price list of every train that runs from Dinajpur to Rajshahi. Those of you who visit our website regularly can gather various information today and get your desired information from here.

Dinajpur to Rajshahi Intercity Train Schedule

You will have several intercity train options to travel from Dinajpur to Jaipur Hat. Which train you take regularly will depend on your timing. Because these intercity trains leave Dinajpur station for Joypurhat at different times. Today we will present you some of the facilities of those intercity trains.

First of all, it goes without saying that the interior environment of every train is much cleaner than before. The main reason is that these trains are cleaned every day so that the environment inside is clean. Apart from this, there are canteen facilities and namaz facilities that passengers can use en route. Apart from all these facilities, there are some more sophisticated facilities that you can enjoy.

Dinajpur to Rajshahi Train Schedule Intercity

Now we are going to inform you about the intercity trains schedule for Dinajpur to Rajshahi. We will try as usual to present the schedule of the trains in front of you in a very nice way and inform you about the closing days of the trains. Let’s know the schedules without delay.

Ekta Express (706)

Ekta Express is an intercity express train. The express train has no weekly holidays. That is, you will find Ekta Express trains plying daily. But the Ekta Express train is on schedule to leave Dinajpur station and reach Rajshahi station. The scheduled time of departure of this train from Dinajpur station is 23:04 and if all goes well the scheduled time of arrival at Rajshahi station is 1:18.

Express (758)

Hartijan Express trains are running regularly on this route from Dinajpur to Rajshahi. Although this train does not run regularly from Dinajpur to Rajshahi this train has certain other destinations. However, those who are passengers can travel by train by buying a ticket. Fast Jan Express scheduled departure time from Dinajpur station is 10:04 and scheduled time of arrival at Rajshahi station is 12:27. There are no weekends for express trains.

Banglabandha Express (806)

Banglabandha Express train runs regularly from Dinajpur to Joypurhat. This train has a specific schedule and trains run regularly according to this schedule. All operations of Banglabandha trains are closed on every Saturday. The scheduled time of departure of this train from Dinajpur station is 10:45 and the scheduled time of arrival at Rajshahi station is 12:57.

Dinajpur to Rajshahi Train Fare List

To travel by train from Dinajpur to Rajshahi, you must know the train fare list in advance. Shown is priced at Rs 95 and the show chair is priced at Rs 110. The first seat fare is Rs 150 and the first berth is Rs 220. AC seats are priced at Tk 220, AC berth at Tk 330 and Snigdha at Tk 185.