Dhaka to Jessore Train Schedule 2023 Ticket Price, Time, Booking

Dhaka is the capital of the country and a large number of passengers travel daily from Dhaka to Jessore district in the southern part of the country. Since Dhaka is one of the busiest cities in the country and Jessore has a very good quality of environment, daily journeys from Jessore enter Dhaka for various needs. For this many people use many mediums.

Nowadays train communication in Bangladesh is very good and traveling by train is much safer than traveling by bus so train is known as the first choice. But you can get information about traveling by bus very easily but getting information about traveling by train has become a very difficult matter.

As the modern era is the era of online, everyone tries to find the information through online. We can feel this need and need so we have developed our website with various train related information. Today we will discuss the train facilities available to you from Dhaka to Jessore.

Dhaka to Jessore intercity Train Schedule

Many may say why you keep talking about intercity trains. I myself regularly travel from one part of the country to another in inter-city trains, so it is convenient for me to share with you my first-hand experience of this train.

This makes the information as accurate as it is reliable. Without further waiting for those of you who have entered our Dhaka to Jessore train schedule and ticket price, we move on to our main discussion. You will be attentive and patient with us.
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Dhaka to Jessore Train Schedule Intercity

This part of our paragraph is very important for those of you who are regular commuters from Dhaka to Jessore or those who are new. Part of our article we will now discuss all the information about the intercity express trains that travel from Dhaka to Jessore, the name, schedule and holidays of the intercity express trains. Those of you who are curious must read our full article and stay tuned.

Sundarban Express 726

Sundarban Express is an intercity train. Sundarban Express runs regularly on Dhaka to Jessore route. The Sundarban Express intercity train operates seven days a week with one day off. That holiday is Wednesday. The train leaves Dhaka railway station at 8:15 and reaches Jessore railway station at 4:20.

Shipra Express 764

Chitra Express is an intercity train. Chitra Express runs regularly on Dhaka to Jessore route. Chitra Express intercity train runs seven days a week and has one day off as per government norms. Chitra Express intercity train weekend is Monday. That is, except Monday, you can complete the Chitra Express train on any other day according to the train schedule. The train leaves Dhaka Railway Station at 7:01 and arrives at Jessore Railway Station at 2:20.

Dhaka to Jessore train fare list
In this part of our article we will now discuss about the fare lists available for Dhaka to Jessore train travel. The train fare lists are usually fixed by the government and we will mention them now.

Sobhan seat ticket price is fixed at 380 rupees. The ticket price for Shovan Chair seats is fixed at Rs.450. First seat ticket price is Rs.610. Snigdha seat ticket price is Rs 7 60. AC seat ticket price is Rs 910 and AC berth seat ticket price is Rs 1365.